About Me

I am striving everyday to choose happiness.  I've been happily married to my sweetheart for almost ten years now.  We have four beautiful children that bring us infinite joy!

This is me! Emily
A stay at home mom, my husband's girlfriend, Hello Kitty lover, fitness 
enthusiast (well trying to be) and perpetual student of this thing we call life.
Nicknames: Em, Emmi, Mom, Mommy, Mama

The Hubbster.  
He is a web developer and runs his own company from home which is a awesome most 
days but can be very trying on certain days too.  Overall though we feel extremely blessed.
Nicknames: Daddy, Dada, Dad, Sweets, Honey, Love, Boo, Presto

My eldest daughter - Brooklyn.  (Almost 5)
She is sassy, witty, sweet, spunky, inquisitive and energetic.  
She loves pink, Hello Kitty, dancing, soccer, and playing with 
friends.  She is quite the social butterfly and is very extroverted!
Nicknames: Brooks, Brookie, B, Broccoli, Brookie Cookie

My Handsome Little Man, Liam (Almost 4)
My only son and only redhead.  He has an extremely infectious laugh and loves to laugh whenever he can find an excuse to.  He loves cars, Spiderman and rough-housing with Brooklyn. He is my early riser and often wakes up not long after me (5:30) to play while I exercise.  When he grows up he wants to be a garbage man, a dad and the tooth fairy (not always in that order).
Nicknames: Buddy, Bud, LC, Leemo (long story)

My beautiful little London. (1.5 year)
This girl is going to be so spoiled.  She already know how to turn on the charm when she knows she's in trouble (with both me and hubby!).  She's very photogenic, I can't help myself - I'm always taking pictures of her.  She loves to dance, whenever she hears music she starts jumping around.  She also loves to color (mostly on the walls), cuddle, and she is always making her baby sister laugh.  
Nicknames: Lo, Lolo, Lotus, Scamper, Stinkface, Skinny Minnie

My Happy Baby Lexington (9 months)
This girl is a dream come true.  All of my kids were "easy" babies but this one takes the cake!  She is extremely happy and also very patient.  She is also my biggest baby - 9.0 lbs at birth, and she is now wearing the same clothes as London (London is small for her age).  I love her fat little thighs, they are so much fun to squeeze and tickle.  She is such a joy, I can't wait to see how her personality develops.
Nicknames: Lexi, Lex, Chunky Monkey, Cuddle Bug

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