Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's a good thing I have a commercial grade vacuum, with the amount of hair it has to pick up it sure gets used.  Having myself and 3 daughters means a lot of time spent doing hair (at least if we are going to leave the house).  On days we stay home my girls may or may not get their hair combed but I usually try to at least put a hair tie in to get their bangs out of their face. Well sometimes that doesn't even work. London loves to pull her hair ties out, along with a bunch of hair, so I often wonder if it's even worth putting anything in all. I just hate that her hair is always in her face if I don't pull it back. This was about 20 minutes after I put it in today.

So gross - I hate when she pulls so much hair out. But she's such a messy eater, she gets yogurt and banana all in her hair. Maybe I'll see if she'll keep a headband in, hmmmm. 

I love that Brooklyn will now sit still for long periods of time so that I can do fun things with her hair. A lot of the inspiration for her hair dos comes from THIS website.

Like this. 

And this. 

And this. 

Sometimes London does cooperate. Like the Sunday I did her hair like this

And she kept it in most of the day. Just a few more years and I will be doing a lot of fun things with all three girls' hair. Luckily Liam's is easy and just recently we cut it so short I pretty much don't even have to touch it - other than washing it. 

See? Super easy. Now back to cleaning the hair off the beater bar of my vacuum.....

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