Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My oldest children have started Wilson's Preschool this week (aka home preschool).   I am going to homeschool starting next year (more on that later) so I decided I better get some practice.  First of all I was referred to a great website from a friend that has an entire free homeschool curriculum - so far the website has preschool through 8th grade (she is working on high school curriculum as we speak).  It's called Easy Peasy Homeschool, you can find it HERE.  After reading over it the first day I knew I was going to use it a lot and have already donated to her cause.

I've started with Brooklyn and Liam doing the same lessons.  Neither one has done any preschool before, I was going to start them this year (doing preschool outside the home) but we were unable to afford it.  So far though, I'm loving being able to teach them myself and knowing they are getting individualized attention.  We are on day 3 and usually go for about an hour or more while the babies take their morning nap.

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