Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Raccoon

This is my "little raccoon" or so she has be renamed by Hubbster.  I love this darling picture, but you may not be able to tell, she is on the table.  She is always climbing up on the table or dragging some toy into the kitchen to help give her a boost onto the counters.  Baaaaahhhhh!  I can't keep up with her, especially when I am feeding Lexi and she has a good 10 minute head start - although I do get Brooklyn to check on her sometimes.  I really don't know what I am going to do when she figures out how to open doors (since she loves making a mess of the pantry and playing in the toilet water - yuck).  

But for now I will just enjoy her pretty little face even though I see the mischief going on behind those beautiful green eyes of hers.

And I'll enjoy the times she isn't getting into trouble, and her sister is being lovey, instead of complaining that London is ruining her stuff.

Today we went outside and washed both cars by hand.  We had a storm about 2 weeks ago and it left the cars super dirty so I finally got out and did it.  It gets so hot here in the summer, the kids love any excuse for the kids to get on their swimsuits, they had a great time playing in the water.  We have a mini van and an SUV so I didn't get the tops cleaned very well (I'm only 5'5") but I figure only tall people will judge my dirty roof - like Hubbster, who happens to be 6'3".

How cute is this?  Yes, we have another thumb sucker.  Now it is time for me to join her la la land.  Goodnight y'all.

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