Thursday, September 26, 2013

Loki the kitty

The other day on my morning run I petted a kitty and followed me for 2 more miles (then got chased off by a stray dog and found me again) and home.  He was so cute and friendly.  I got the kids up so they could come in the garage and pet him.  London was especially excited.  When the cat wandered outside I closed the garage door but he would not leave.  He came around the back of the house to the patio and slept out there ALL day!

Finally we let him in, gave him some tuna and water and let him play with the kids.  We named him Loki.  But after the kids went to bed we put the cat back outside and he left for good.  We miss Loki.

Saturday morning we went to the Saturday Market in Nampa.  Afterwards the kids busied themselves looking through windows of abandoned buildings.

Sunday morning half of the family was sick so we stayed home from church and colored the day away.

London is not ready to share her high chair, haha!

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