Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Mornings are always an adventure around here!  This morning was no different, first I woke to hear London calling for me, but she was downstairs.  By the time she realized I was down there she started crying.  It was still too early for her to be up so I went to get her and put her back in bed.  Then I peeked in Liam's room and saw he was not in bed.  So I went downstairs to look for him, but he was not there.  So I went back in his room, checked on the other side of his bed, and didn't see him, then checked Brooklyn's room, my bathroom and closet - still no Liam.  So I looked more thoroughly downstairs again, didn't find him.  At this point I was getting a bit panicked.  I woke Chris up to tell him that I couldn't find Liam.  Then I went back to Brooklyn's room to see if he was hiding in the blankets - he wasn't, so I got the idea to lay down and look under the bed - there he was.  He was awake and just hanging out.  He had woken Lo up when he went in there in the first place.  We had a little talk about how he needs to stay in his room until the sun comes up or I come get him.  

Then this crazy haired girl woke up - tell me the truth, did you laugh out loud?

We are still doing preschool every morning, the kids are really enjoying it.

Liam and Brooklyn were really excited that I let them play in the sink with water this morning.  You have to get creative when there are so many rainy days in a row.

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