Monday, May 5, 2014

Almost Summer

I can't believe how fast this year has gone already!  It's already May!!

Well so far we have had a good year. In February Chris and celebrated our 10th Anniversary. My parents came and watched the kids while we had a "staycation". We got a hotel in Boise for a few days and relaxed. We came home to this:

We had a lot of fun but missed the kids since it was our first time away from them overnight (other than when I went to the hospital to have my babies). 

In April I took the kids to Pocatello. I got to hang out with my besties - Cassie and Jamie. It was awesome, I had a great time. This picture was at Brooklyn's Playground in Pocatello. 

Then last week we took a trip to Portland. Chris had some business meetings to go to. It was our first time back to Oregon in 5 years. We took Brooklyn and Liam, London and Lexi stayed with my sister, Ann. 

 The bad news was we were all sick with an awful cold the whole time but the good news is we still managed to have a lot of fun. The nights were the worst - couldn't sleep at all but during the day we felt a lot better. 

We traveled the "back way" through Bend, OR to get there.  We got to go through these pretty mountains:

After 9 longs hours in the car we finally got to the hotel and took a nice long nap. Then I took the kids to the pool and afterward we went to a late dinner with some friends.

The next day we were off to the coast. The kids had fun playing in the water (they were running and just getting their shoes wet) until Brooklyn tripped and fell in the water. Brrrr!!!

Then we headed north to Tillamook and toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

We always end the tour with an ice cream cone. ALWAYS. 

Then we headed over to Portland to rest up for Chris's meetings the next day. While he went to his meetings I drove back down to Salem with the kids to meet some friends I hadn't seen in years. We had a wonderful time. 

We also stopped at the Woodburn Outlet stores so I could do a bit of shopping - the kids had fun playing too! 

The second day that Chris had meetings we went to IKEA - it was a little bit of heaven!  One of my favorite stores ever.

All my loot:

After that the kids were exhausted - they were still not feeling great. So we went back to the hotel to rest. 

That night we decided to venture out to the Washington Square Mall to take the kids to the Lego store.  They had a blast!

I miss this pretty city. 


  1. Yay! I'm so glad for a blog update! You look beautiful! Take care lovely lady!

  2. Thanks for the update...I enjoyed it!