Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So I know it's been a while since I've posted so I'll try to squeeze in the last few months in one post!

The kids had fun trick or treating on Halloween - London was shy at first but then really got into it. We just went around our block and that was plenty of candy. Brooklyn ate so much candy she threw up and didn't want anymore - which was fine by me!

We went to Baby Jack's blessing then had a blast at Melea's mother's home. It is a beautiful home and a child's dream - lots of toys and and an awesome backyard with a playhouse, toys to climb on and a teeter totter.  Also the day after this Spencer found out he got a job in Meridian and they moved 2 weeks later. Love having them close by!

London turned 2 in November - we were at my mom's house that day. We celebrated with these yummy Birthday Brownies!

She got these cute pajamas from Grandma!

We spent Thanksgiving at Ann's place - my parents and Melanie were there along with Bonnie's family and Todd's family. 

London decided to walk off those holiday lbs. 

I went shooting with Mike and Chris. Tried out my new 9mm Kahr. 

Meanwhile the kids took turns on the tractor with Grandpa Collier. 

Todd also gave Liam a ride on Ann's 4 wheeler. 

And I got to hang out with my sisters!  I love my family!  Ann was so awesome to host the holiday at her house - it was perfect!!

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